You are currently viewing Top Earning Websites in India 2024 | How to earn money from home for students
Top Earning Websites in India 2021

Top Earning Websites in India 2024 | How to earn money from home for students

Top Earning Websites in India 2021

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How to earn money from home for students

In this article we discuss about Top earning websites in India 2021, so that you may know how to earn money from home for students as well as for freelancers and housewives so you have to pay attention and follow the steps we have describe in this article.

Top earning websites in india 2021
Top Earning Websites in India 2021


How to Earn Money as a Freelancer in India

Freelancer website is a marketplace for different ideas, some skills, and abilities of peoples where people can work for what they love. The website has been in operation for almost six years now and since then they introduced many products and features to help employers and freelancers get the best preferred job done.

In this short article, we will discuss important steps that how you can operate it and get more benefits from website.

How to Earn Money as a Freelancer in India
How to Earn Money as a Freelancer


How Freelancer Websites Works

Step 1: First of all decide what is best for you – Commit to a life of freelancing, and then sign up for a freelancer account. For account Sign up and working as a Freelancer it is absolutely free they don’t charge anything for registration.

But you have to improve your membership so that you will greatly help to earn more and more money, such as earning more high and  getting profitable bids every month, and a list of skills. Some projects require your profile to show certain skills, so that more you write for publishers, the more opportunities you have to earn more.

Step 2: Make your profile attractive – You have to make your profile very attractive. It shows your skills, resume, personality, and portfolio all combined into one. And it is an important tool for persuasion: the employer can fully determine whether or not he or she can hire you based on your skills.

Step 3: Find the best projects and start bidding on it – Making money as a freelancer actually starts from this step. Hundreds of projects and competitions in various categories are submitted each and every day. Check the website regularly for finding a suitable job for you. On the Tasks page of the website, you will see which projects should be open for bidding at that time. For competitions, simply submit your entry.

There are more than 750+ categories on the Jobs page available for you, from Web development and writing, to marketing and financial reporting. Of course, a job like your skills is listed here. Before you submit your bid, be sure to write down a strong reason why the employer should choose more than everyone else.

Step 4: Work on the project you choose – Before starting work on the project, make sure that the employer and you both are satisfy with the deal, so there may not be any problem along the way. You will have to sign an agreement. Everything might be clear between both of you before starting work on the selected project.

Once the job has been awarded, make sure you consistently please your employer when it comes to the timeline, budget, and communication. Use the built-in chat box to chat easily with the employer.

Step 5: Get paid and get a five-star response from the employer – Once you have paid for the projects you finished, you can withdraw your earned money via PayPal Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, or in your bank account. Also, stay tuned for a five-star feedback – a good, high-quality feedback pack to add good to your portfolio.

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How to earn money from Fiver

Next in “Top Earning Websites in India 2021” It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who have not heard at least about Fiverr, has exploded as the premier source for small online export services worldwide. With the multi-million dollar advertising campaign, here are many ways to make money on

How to earn money from Fiver in India
How to earn money from Fiver


Of course, it may seem like you are not being paid much but if you can get these services out in a very short time, and then add them to the extra value, the money you get from Fiverr can translate into a lot of money. Become virtual assistant, Design business cards, Alter pictures, Write a review, and so on….

How does this work

  • Step 1. Create an attractive Gig – You may register absolutely free on Fiver website, first of all create your Gig (You may called it a category), and show up your work you have already did to the globe.
  • Step 2. Get a lot of work – Fiver notifies you when you get an order after that you can discuss in details with your customers.
  • Step 3. Get Paid for your project – Fiver assure you to get paid on time. Your payment may transfer after completion of the project.
  • What may you sell? – You may provide any desired service in which you are expertizing as long as it is legal and in compliance with our terms. There are over 200 sections available to browse for ideas.
  • How much money can I make? – It’s entirely depends on you. You may work on your own choice. Some peoples work full-time and some of them work as a part time after their job to make some money in spare time.
  • Does it cost to work on Fiver? – No, It’s absolutely free to register on Fiverr. There is no subscription fee required to join fiver for listing your services.
  • How to get paid? – When you complete the buyer’s order, the money you have earned is transferred to your bank account.

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What is Upwork? 

Top Earning Websites in India 2021

The site helps the professionals to find a suitable project, communicate with the clients and get paid after completing the order. If you are a new freelancer at all, or you are working in a new field, you can gather valuable information without always throwing at cold customers.

How to Make Money on Upwork
How to Make Money on Upwork


How to Make Money on Upwork

  1. Set a solid profile and trustworthy – Your profile serves the same purpose as general education for prospective employers. You can’t get a job without one. Fill in the type of work you would like to do, specific areas of expertise and your level of expertise. This is all reported on your own, so be honest. If you are hired for services that you cannot deliver, your account may be suspended or terminated.

You can add links to a portfolio or specific work samples which you done earlier any other website. You can also mention your complete education, how many hours a week you can work, location and rate you like. If you are unsure of what to charge, check out the levels of other Upwork freelancers with similar experience. When your profile will approve you can get to work.

  1. Select a suitable membership plan – Upwork offers two membership programs for freelancers: Basic and Plus.

Basic Plan: This website is free to join, but you will pay $0.15 to connect with potential customers. You can roll up to 140 Connects every month. When someone reaches you, you do not need to use any communication. The more your profile looks solid, the more likely you are to get offers of services to potential customers.

Showing off your good work or highlighting certain things can help you to stand out. If you are new to your field, volunteer information is included, too. The basic plan also includes the payment of hourly basis and per project payments.

Plus Plan: This plan cost $ 14.99 per month including everything in basic plan.

It includes:

  • 70 Connects monthly.
  • Identification of which price competitors are bidding for the job.
  • Option to keep salary confidential.
  • Ability to customize the URL of your profile.
  1. Contact Employers – You may use connects to submit job suggestions. Suggestions should include an introduction of you, the amount you want for the project and all answers to the client’s questions included in the post. When you apply for a gig, you may get an idea of employer’s reputation. Better Business Bureau and employer news search on Google are great places to start your research.
  2. Start working on the project when you set your price – Money structure may be a moving average based on the total amount you get from the client over time, if the more you work with that client, the less charge is taken.

You can Expect Upwork to take:

  • 20% off on first $ 500 you charge from client.
  • 10% of total charges amount between $ 500.01 and $ 10,000.
  • 5% of total and billing exceeding $ 10,000.

You can be paid in one among two available ways: Either hourly or fixed amount. Upwork fees measure a similar for both. Your hourly rate with Upwork is that price before the service deduction. Therefore if you write an average of $ twenty per hour for your 1st gig, you’ll expect to earn $ 16 per hour after a 20% discount.

Once you have got $ 500 for that client, the fee decrease to 10% and you’ll get $ 18 per hour. If you discuses about a fixed amount charge, then the same rule applies: If you are got $ 400 each job, you will be got $ 320 after deduction of 20%. Once you have got $ 500 form that client, the charge decrease to 10%.

As a beginner you should always go first to see the most successful people in niche profiles. If you are a content writer or video maker, whatever you do find the profiles of the leading professionals in that field and take a good look at how they set up their profiles then you have to do the same for you.

I’m talking about the kind of photos they used, how they wrote their bio or the story, how they contributed what they did etc. After you get the perfect idea, make your own words and style.

After you get an idea of who your best client is and where they use to hang online – This is the first, so I think you already have the idea, you can start “fishing” your customers in their social media, forums etc.

Always look for people who have openly declared their problems and give them a solution in an unpleasant way. Also, do not be afraid to offer your services to companies because you are a beginner, tell them who you are, and politely remind them that they were also beginners. Give them a discount and promise them to keep the service low cost by making their support for you initially.

Upwork payment methods India

All payments are done through Upwork in a simple and organized process. Hourly and affordable projects are available. For each hour’s work, submit weekly invoices. For fixed pricing projects, landmarks and grants are set up for Upwork Escrow features. Many payment options are available. Choose a payment method which is suitable for you either direct deposit or PayPal transfer.

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How to make money on Peopleperhour?

Peopleperhour is a great place to earn money at home if you are capable to Graphics design, web development, and many more. First you need to create a profile and make sure that it should be 100% complete after which you’ll get 15 bids each month, if you want to get more bids then you need to spend some extra money.

You may use these bids according to your profile, the client will analyze your bid and if your bid meets their requirements then they will choose and offer you.

To get paid your earnings, you can either link your bank account here or your Paypal account which is more suitable for you.

how to make money on peopleperhour
How to make money on peopleperhour


How PeoplePerHour may Work

Find out more suitable offers at PeoplePerHour and you can live your dream job here. PeoplePerHour connects clients to the Independent professionals available to hire by per hour or by per project. If you are interested to work with PeoplePerHour than apply for becoming a freelancer.

All submitted applications for joining are reviewed by PeoplePerHour team and then they approve it, only the suitable freelancers are matched with client’s project. When get approved, you will gain access to the website for projects. Now you’re ready to give your services to thousands of clients registered here.

Make yourself stand out – Create a good profile of yours, an attractive profile is the key to get more works. Clients check your profile when they deciding who to work with their project, so it is most important thing that you have to represent yourself in the best effective way. You may customize your profile by sharing your work experience and skills.

Find a suitable project for you – As a freelancer at PeoplePerHour, we offer the most relevant projects based on your profile and skills. You may search for best available projects according to your choice or you can choose the automatic search option which let you know about available new projects.

Find suitable projects that match with your ability and skills and then submit a proposal of that project to get it. There are 15 suggestions available each month are free, if you are interested to get more projects then you may buy extra credit for that.

Give your best skills at best Price – We know that each and every person who works at PeoplePerHour may different from each other, so we created offers accordingly.

Defined your best skills or category – Show your best skills for an offer. You can sell your custom services and start building relationships with your customers.

Meet the project distribution – A good freelancer may know that managing a project takes more than just bringing supplies to the end of the project. Freelancers need to work together.

Your suggestion, your approach – If you are interested in a project, then completes the suggestion and contact to the client. If you have any question in your mind then ask to the client, if you have any suggestions about the project then give suggestion to them.

Easy Payment Process – When you have completed a project, then without power make an invoice directly from the broadcast of your project to get paid.

Everything is available at PeoplePerHour – All available invoice data is automatically completed. You decide if you are ready to invoice the total amount or enter your prices manually. Your client is notified immediately and once you have approved the payment from the project’s secure account to your PeoplePerHour account.

Build strong relationships with customers – Customers like to complete projects with PeoplePerHour because they work with new skills and the skills you provide. During the project, you will get a lot of information from your client’s business and this is a great opportunity to develop a strong relationship with them.

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How to Earn Money through YouGov

In “Top Earning websites in India 2021” YouGov is one of the most popular and leading market research and data companies of the globe. From starting, we have a tendency to driven by a straight forward idea: At the heart of our company may be an International online community, where millions of people and thousands of trade and cultural organizations interact in progressive discussion about their products, their behavior and their beliefs.

how to earn money through yougov
How to earn money through YouGov


We have a tendency to mix this continuous knowledge dissemination with our in-depth analysis technology and broad field expertise, to develop technologies and techniques that may assist in cooperative decision-making. A day the leading brands, businesses and also the media hope that we’ll offer an additional correct, more relevant picture of what the globe thinks.

Benefits of using YouGov surveys

  • High response rate we’ve got a top quality and concerned panel – we will reach a response rate of more than 30% community section in India.
  • Representative samples and thousands of profiles – Our respondents represent a spread older, social and economic teams and different statistics that permit us to reach hard to reach groups and build online samples that represent the full country.
  • Remorse The pre-tested panel greatly speeds up the analysis method – we will reach 1,000 responses in seven days.
  • Accuracy and reliability – We will achieve the great accuracy and the honesty of respondents – no middle ground or third party can influence these answers.

How to Earn Money in YouGov?

YouGov conducts online surveys on politics, social media, merchandise and other common topics. YouGov voting is being control by people, from everywhere the globe. India and other Asian countries may have in agreement to share their opinion on a wide range of vital problems. It’s free to join any person who cross 18 years of age can join this panel.

What happens when I subscribe the YouGov panel?

As presently as you register you may receive two short admission surveys asking you questions almost like your town and country of residence. We have the tendency to do that in order to send you only the proper polls in the future. Once you have got completed your acceptance check, we’ll credit your account with 100 bonus points by just joining.

How do I get informed about new Survey?

Each time we’ve got a brand new survey to complete, you may receive an email about that, and you may access that survey directly from your email inbox.

How long is the standard YouGov survey?

Most of the YouGov polls are as short as they should take around five to six minutes to finish. A typical survey is about 25 to 30 short questions. From time to time, there’ll be surveys or longer interviews with additional complex questions. The longest study must not take over 30 minutes to finish.

What kinds of rewards are offered for participating in Survey?

When you do surveys you collect points which will be utilized in the reward list after you reach five thousand points. You may check the Rewards page for additional information.

YouGov Payment Method?

Once you have got earned 5,000 points just click on the ‘Apply’ button for Rs.3600 on the ‘Prizes’ page and complete the form to redeem your points for cash.

Who pays for these surveys?

YouGov conducted a survey of various group of customers to help them better understand public perceptions concerning current issues and consumer merchandise. YouGov may be a non-partisan organization. Most of the polls are non-political.

We may also conduct political related polls – some for clients and a few for us to measure public opinion within the region. Our concepts don’t seem to be written from any political issue, however are meant to be social science efforts to review public opinion.

The surveys we have a tendency to conduct may not influence your views, but to measure themselves. Ensure that when you reply to a survey on YouGov, your privacy is protected, and your responses create a distinction.

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How to make money on YouTube

Each feature has its own over-subscription eligibility requirements and view counting requirements. If our reviewers believe your channel or video is inappropriate, certain features may not be available. These thresholds may exist based on two main reasons.

Most importantly we must meet the legal requirements wherever the feature is found. However, we want to reward best creators, so we assure that you have sufficient content for your channel.

how to make money on youtube
How to make money on YouTube


Generally, this context means that we need more content to watch. Remember that we regularly update channels to ensure that your content complies with our policies. Minor qualification requirements to unlock monetization features remember that each element has its own requirements. If you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can access these monetization features:

How to earn money from YouTube?

Step 1. Create a YouTube Channel and make money

To make money from YouTube, you have to create a channel where you upload your content videos. You have to make a unique and entertaining content so that people can show interest in your contents.

Step 2. Make your channel successful

Make your YouTube channel successful enough so that it meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements. To participate in this program, you have to complete 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time in 12 months.

Step 3. Set up an AdSense account

After completing the minimum requirement for monetization set by Youtube, you have to apply for monetization in Youtube’s Partner program for that you need an Adsense account. You can easily create it on Google’s Adsense website for free. Connect Youtube channel with Adsense account.

Step 4. Explore your new monetization features

Each monetization channel has different eligibility requirements. For instance:

  • Ad revenue: If you want to make revenue from ad, then you fulfill the basic requirement i.e. at least 18 years of age, and your content is advertiser-friendly. So more YouTube advertisers feel comfortable to running ads on your channel, and you have the opportunity to make more money.
  • YouTube Premium revenue: If a YouTube Premium member watches your video, then you get some portion of their subscription fee.
  • Channel memberships: You have the option to sell your channel memberships to your subscribers, for that you prefer to be at least 18 years of old and you have over than 30,000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Merchandise shelf: If you want to sell merchandise from Youtube’s merchandise shelf and earn money from it, for that you prefer to be at least 18 years of old and you have over than 10,000 subscribers on your channel.


How to Make Money with a Blog in 2022

Is it potential for a beginner to create cash with a blog? Are you able to make a living by blogging or is it simply another myth? The solution of each query is ‘Yes’.

how to make money with a blog
How to make money with a Blog


Blogging isn’t a theory however a truth. Anyone with a basic knowledge of blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and a general idea of how the Internet works can start a blogging career and make money from it.

How Bloggers Earn Money

The article you are currently reading on this website is a real-life example of a money-creating blog. The aim of this article is to help you understand how you may earn money through blogging by avoiding some common mistakes or wasting valuable time on activities which will not contribute to your main aim.

It is aimed towards beginner’s level as a result of I keep in mind after I start; I found it so difficult to understand that how the blogging may help you to make money online.

It took me several months to know the whole process and to find out what mistakes I have made and how I could avoid things around. We hope that this step-by-step process may put you in the right place from the beginning that may give results faster.

How to Earn Money with Blogging?

Sounds like a simple process! In reality, some of the steps may straightforward but some of them are deceptive and you may have to be equipped with the proper information, and the proper tools, and of course a lot of patience.

These are the seven steps to follow to earn money from blogging.

1.Setup your own self-hosted blog

2.Begin creating nice content

3.Get organic traffic to your Blog

4.Build your community around brand

5.Start making money by offering ads

6.Make money by offering your own products and services

7.Earn money through affiliate marketing

Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads

CPC and CPM is one of the most common way through which bloggers can make money by offering ads on their blog. Two types of popular ads are:

  • CPC / PPC Ads: Cost per click ads are usually banner ads that you can place in the content or in the sidebar of your blog. When a reader clicks on these ads, you get paid for that.
  • CPM Ads: CPM ads, or “per 1,000 per popup costs,” these type of ads are cost you a certain amount of money based on how many people view your ad

The most famous network for putting these ads is Google AdSense. With this program, you have no need to deals directly with advertisers; you just simply put an ad on your blog, Google selects ads automatically that match your blog content, and your readers clicks on these ads.

If you find that AdSense does not suitable for you, there are lots of programs available, some of them are Infolinks, Chitika, popads, and many more.


CPA Marketing Earn Money

In the list of “Top Earning Websites in India 2021” CPA marketing, also known as Cost per Action, is a style of consistent marketing model that gives commissions to partnerships when a user completed a particular action. The proper action may be something from completing a short survey, watching a video, or filling out a form.

CPA networks then promote these campaigns through agents. CPA agents are paid some fee each time a guest visit and complete an action or assignment.

CPA Marketing Earn Money
CPA Marketing Earn Money

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost per Action. CPA Marketing is a form of business in which an Agent receives a commission in which a particular act is performed by his. Action can take many forms, such as clicks, rating request, purchase, form, or watching video.

The CPA network is a bridge between those who follow the conversion and ensures that the contacts are paid for their work. It is also a great source of affiliate support, which helps you find the most relevant offers in terms of your traffic and provides comprehensive tips for making your campaign work.

How Does CPA Marketing Work?

Have you ever think about that how people make money online? Revenue is always welcome, but what if the online hustle could be a long-term thriving business? Don’t search anymore, because CPA marketing is the best alternative to earn more money online in the comfort of your own home.

This post will tell you everything you need to know to be able to take your first steps in the world of traffic monetization of your blog and become a competent affiliate marketer. You may learn about what the CPA Marketing really is, and how some people make money online from it, and from where you can find the good tools, and best affiliate offers you promote on blog or your social media networks.

Some popular CPA networks are CPAlead, CPAgrip, Max Bounty and many more.


Virtual Assistant work from Home (Content Writer)

In “Top Earning Websites in India 2021” Visual assistance includes arranging meetings, communicating with customers and investors, tracking orders, creating business documents such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets, managing blogs and websites, etc. business for those people who are too busy to handle them.

Virtual Assistant work from Home
Virtual Assistant work from Home

How to become a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant can involve training or knowledge to some degree, depending on your qualifications. However, if you have good communication skills and are able to use applications such as MS Office, you can simply subscribe to sites like or and start working with them.

Some people want to make money through their writing skills, which is a natural consequence of all of the above. They want to make their living by writing in their work and benefit from writing.

Many people ask us if they should left their full time jobs and switch to adopt writing as their job? Writing is a good time pass, but it can also be a daunting task. Besides, you need to be good at writing to make a living.

In this case you are writing, but your writing will not be published in your own name. It’s a great way to learn, so while this is probably a good place to start, try to get at least a few pieces every time you get better.

What is required to become a Content writer?

To become a freelance content writer you need a good Internet speed connection, a laptop or desktop and a decent command in English language that reflects your writing work.

If you are still confused about the difference between a creative writer and a content writer, let’s understand that first.

A creative author of magazines or online sites, the author is often praised and given a line. Articles are subject to your selected topics and you are expected to send a voice before posting the full story. In most cases, you can also claim the price of the article.

While writing pure content, you cannot select a title or payment. And there is a possibility that you may not be listed as the author of this post. However, as long as you have solid research skills, a basic understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and are able to write on any research topic.

In this type of activity, your borders extend beyond India, and if you are free to write, say, American or European market, you can even earn Dollars / Euros.

There are dedicated sites with a wide range of tasks assigned to short-term projects ranging from translation, writing, typing, email and essay writing and research reports. Topics also vary from planning and marketing to business and finance. On other platforms like Problogger, Freelancer and Freelance Writing, you get ghost novel writing projects. You can bid on any project you like and if your bid is the best, the project is yours.

How to get started

Earnings per article are negotiable, but usually pay $ 50- $ 150 per article published. Most of the publishers are willing to pay more for the best article which fulfill publishers need.

Step 1: Submit your excellent draft of the article you would like to write and your budget. Topics need to be different and have a big impact.

They also ask you to submit the URL of your current blog or URL to a published work to understand your writing style. They will let you know if the topic is of interest to them and if your sample meets their review process.

Step 2: They invite you to write article for them, then go ahead, and write your article and submit this article for review. They will not publish the slightest misunderstanding or just the right visitor.

Each article must be well written, accurate, and correct with the original program and content. You will be able to view their guidelines to make sure you check all the boxes.

Step 3: After you submit your article online, it will be updated. After review by the publisher you will receive emails like:

1.Rejected – Poor quality.

2.Requires minor changes


If your article approved, then it may be set to publish immediately or may be set to publish at a future date. When your article set to publish, you may be getting paid in your PayPal account.

You may work with is basically a funny place. No experience required to work with cracked website. If your content is best, then this is a best idea to make money by blogging. You get to speak directly to the editors. Their content includes articles, videos, infographics, and photoshops.


How to earn money online Quora?

In the list of “Top Earning Websites in India 2021” about Quora, there are various ways you have been able to make money, some intentionally and some by accident. This answer incorporates all my knowledge of marketing in Quora and more.

how to earn money online quora
How to earn money online Quora


Quora Partner Program: Top Earning Websites in India 2021

When you ask questions on Quora, and some advertise shown in your questions then you may get some cash as reward in Quora partner program.

Quora has become a platform for individuals to go and if they ask any question or give answer of questions. Additionally to providing answers to nearly something, it may be used to earn some cash.

How to make money with Quora?

There are some ways to legitimate Quora – in physically and also in paid advertising.

Step 1: Establish your website:

You ought to produce your own QUORA by having a unique username and a strong password. This can be a straightforward method. You’ll be able to prefer to sign on by connecting using your existing account with either Google or Facebook account. You’ll be able to additionally prefer to register with your valid email id.

Step 2: Ask questions on Quora:

Familiarize yourself with the platform however it works. Ask one or two questions to see if you can find the answers. You’ll additionally wish to ask questions to learn lot of regarding your audience.

On the home screen of Quora, there is a red button “Ask a question“. You’ll be able to click on it or you may utilize the question box at the top of the website.

There are 4,000-5,000 questions each day and you need to answer these questions. If you have got expertise within the field, you’ll be able to begin to answer questions and build a brand. If you spend some time to answering Quora’s questions, you’ll be able to create money using Quora.

There is currently no compensation plan for authors

But if you are a Quora partner, you can be paid by asking questions that attract the view / answers / impressions of the ad.

You cannot be a partner alone. You must wait for an invitation from Quora.

I don’t grasp on what basis the invitations may sent. I think invitations are sent randomly from time to time.

Query fees are very low these days and those who wish to participate only in earning money are advised not to waste their time.

Only when you find joy / satisfaction in asking questions and answering questions, express yourself, share with thousands of Quorans, read and share your knowledge where you will find that Quora is the perfect place to be.

The first step is to go with the algorithmic program they need set for you. They appear to own the simplest way of selecting whose questions are well-presented. I feel people that answer a lot of questions may get a note. And once you answer plenty of questions you may get some followers, and fans say them for views of your questions.

Second, you would like an honest standing by following the rules. Once receiving a warning in amongst my answers, I immediately noticed a difference in my opinion, and also my payout check dropped to zero. And they locked me out of the viewing algorithmic program completely. Questions that unremarkable get 1000k views every day may no longer be able to get 5 views.

People show a lot of interests in questions like:

“Who is that the richest person in America?”

There is not so easiest process to make money using Quora Partner Program. Simplest method to make money through a partner program is to ask such type of questions that may engage more people actively, which implies that it makes individuals wish to click on the question, then answer it, follow the question, also comment on some questions.

We suggest you to refer to “Questions for Weeks” section of the Partner Program page. When scanning the top most weekly questions, be sure to pay attention to those common topics that are concern with the top most questions.

The trends we have noticed with the above questions are that the general topics related with these questions are “life experience” as well as “survey question” and that top most questions appear to be open-ended. Another factor you are applying is that ask questions on controversial topic.

The vital factor is that you have to make sure that the query you are asking doesn’t available in Quora database. To do so, when you type your query in the “Apply Question” bar, a list of related questions will appear while you type your query. Make your query not the same as the query already available in Quora.

The bottom line is that over and once more you may have made a lot of money through a partner program, however making a plenty of cash through a partner program is incredibly few users. Your hard-earned money through our partner program is basically because of your smart luck.

The most effective factor you’ll be able to do is ask questions that draw plenty of attention, however asking questions on popular topics doesn’t guarantee that your question will be popular.

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Ans: In this article we have discussed top earning websites in India 2021 you can check them.

Que: Which website is best for earn money?

Ans: Here we have discussed top earning websites in India 2021.

Que: How can I earn money by sitting at home?

Ans: Follow these ways to earn money online for students in India.

Que: What work can I do sitting at home?

Ans: In today’s scenario there are so many ways to earn money online for students in India, here we discuss top earning websites in India 2021.


Pros and Cons

1. There are Endless possibilities for online earning.1. Some websites are fake so beware of scammers.
2. Working online from home is more flexible then office Job.2. There are possibilities of account suspension or cancellation for illegal activities.
3. For working online to earn money is free there are no need to investment.3. Some websites charged you some fee from your earnings.
4. Work online on these websites are easy and anyone with basic knowledge can do it.4. Some websites save cookies so your personal information is not safe.
5. For working on these websites there are no educational qualification needed.5. Some websites take eligibility test like grammar and efficiency test you have to qualify them.



So friends I hope you like this article “Top Earning Websites in India 2021” and you may know different ways to earn money online for students in India or how to make money online as a student in India, so follow the process and enjoy earn money at home.


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