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Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2023 | How to earn money online in India for Students without Investment

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

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When you think about best refer and earn Apps 2021 and how to earn money online in India for students without investment then you think about a very common resource which you have in your hand. That’s the Smartphone you have in your hand. In today’s scenario smartphone is the most common resource for online earning.

It’s true that you don’t earn as much as you afford your lifestyle or you pay your bills, but you earn some bucks in your spare time, when you check your whatsapp messages, brows your Facebook account or watching Youtube videos.

You pay for other Apps in the app store of your smartphone or make in-app purchases. But did you ever feel that you can earn money online by using apps available in your smartphone for things like watching TV, exercise, downloading some apps or as simple as taking your selfies or some pictures through the camera of your smartphone.

Check out our list of the best refer and earn apps 2021 top ten ways to monetize your Android phones using these apps, some of you already know about these Android Apps. Try the apps that you feel are right for you and start earning some bucks in your spare time to pay your phone bills or get some gift cards for your shopping.

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021
Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021


How to earn money online in India for students without Investment

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

1. Swagbucks App

Money making apps in India 2021 without investment. When you do some surveys on the go, you have a chance to get free Gift cards and also make money online through the Swagbucks App, by using Swagbucks App you can shop at your favorite stores, or discover new products of your choice, services, and some interesting content, all from the convenience of your smartphone. You can get a $ 10 welcome bonus if you Join Swagbucks today.

Swagbucks App
Swagbucks Earning App


Using the Swagbucks App this is the perfect way to earn money and utilize your spare time. By joining this you became the member of millions of registered members family of Swagbucks App who have already made over $ 450,000,000 through this app.


Swagbucks is the Best refer and earn apps 2021 available on Google Play Store, with over 10,000 free gift cards  and reward coupons redeemed by our members every day! Use your Swagbucks rewards program with PayPal money or free gift cards of most trusted brands like Amazon, Google Play, Target, Visa, Walmart, Starbucks, Uber, and many more.

Take out your rewards with free gift cards and coupons starting at just $ 1 or save and make money with $ 250 PayPal deposits. Use your earned money to make food and daily meals or gifts for your family and loved ones.

Shop online:

Purchase your favorite items and get money back to over 1,500 retailers includes Amazon, Walmart, Target, and also Starbucks. Earn SB (Starbucks) points for every dollar you spend on shopping and get access to special offers and coupons for your favorite vendors and redeem it on your next purchase.

Answer Surveys:

Share your ideas and opinion on most popular brands and you can get free gift cards! Get SB scores (Swagbucks Points) when you answer positive surveys and polls available on Swagbucks for you.

Watch videos:

You know, you watch fun videos you like and get free gift cards! Earn SB points (Starbucks Points) for viewing playlists we’ve compiled specially for you!

Search the web:

You can Get SB points (Starbucks Points) when you search anything on the web using Yahoo search engine! Our trusted and powerful Web search engine.

Play Games Earn Gift Card:

You can earn SB points (Starbucks Points) when you buy in-game with our partners at GSN, or play our first free games and earn at random.

How to get FREE gift cards with Swagbucks!

  • Step 1: Join Swagbucks

We reward our registered members with free gift cards and some cash for everyday activities they already do online on your smartphones.

  • Step 2: Get SB Points

You can get SB Points (Starbucks Points) with the following activities, Shop online, watch exciting videos, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals to earn  SB points.

  • Step 3: Get Free Gift Cards

Use your earned SB points (Starbucks Points) with free gift cards from your favorite and trusted merchants like Amazon or Walmart, Google play, or earn money on PayPal using Swagbucks App.


App NameSwagbucks
File Size38 MB
Download Linkswagbucks.apk


Users Review:

Swagbuck App Review

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

2. Big Cash APK Download

Real money earning games in India 2021

Big Cash App is India’s most popular gaming app in today’s scenario and when you join it they offer Rs.10 cash prize money in their app as a joining bonus and you can get benefit a lot by playing games in this app and you can redeem your earned money directly in your PayTM Wallet.

big cash apk download
Big Cash APK Download


You can choose from a list of popular sports such as Cricket, Basketball, CarRace, Knife Hit, Soccer and many more games like this. You can also join any LIVE running contest from Cash or BigCash Token available. You have to enter a high score to win the game. Get your winning prizes instantly in your account wallet as soon as the competition ends.

First, you use this Big Cash Apk download and then you decide whether it is better or worse app. Before that make sure you read this post very carefully and follow all steps.

Receive Rs.15 Free PayTM Cash By Big Cash APK.

  1. First of all Download the BigCash App From the link provided here at the end of this article.
  2. It will redirect you to your Default Browser of your phone or your PC and Just click on Big Cash APK Download.
  3. When download Install the APK file and open it and then click on LOGIN FACEBOOK Get Rs 10 + 10 Rewards Option when you successfully registered.
  4. Now enter your login details on Facebook and after that they will ask you to enter your PayTM account mobile number. Enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP send to your registered mobile number.
  5. You will receive instantly Rs.10 BigCash Cash as a joining bonus in Your Wallet as soon as you can use it to play games and you can earn good money by playing so many games available here.
  6. Now you have to Move on the Options Menu and click on Invite & Get Options available there and share your Refer link on Social Media platforms where you have your friends and family members network.
  7. When your friends and family members will use your referral Link and Sign Up Using the same process above which you follow then you will receive Rs.11 PayTM Cash in your BigCash account Wallet instantly.
  8. You can look for unlimited friends in your social networks, invite them to join in this app and this app is fully trusted and secure.
  9. You can Play Games available here from the Dashboard using your Sign Up Bonus which you have got when you join this and win by winning simple games and when you win some cash you can redeem this cash in your linked Paytm Wallet.
  10. Start Playing Big games as you show there are many games available and start targeting and start earning a lot’s of money now !!

In total, you will get a 10 + 10 =  Rs. 20 as a bonus for Subscribe to the Big Cash App. Now you can play any games and earn as much money as you wish with Big Cash app GREAT!!.

The Big Cash App is a simple gaming app. There are so many games (15+) available in the Big Cash App. You can choose from various games available here like Basketball, Bulb Smash, Egg Toss, Fruit Chop, Cricket, Fantasy Cricket, 8 Ball Pool, Fantasy Soccer, and many more interesting games you like to play.

Want to know how to play games on the Big Cash App?

  • First of all, open the Big Cash app.
  • You will find lots of interesting games on the home screen page.
  • Choose your favorite game from the list. Play this game and win cash.
  • Play as many games as you wish, enjoy the game and earn money online.
  • The minimum withdraw limit from Big Cash app is Rs. 50 in your Paytm wallet.

How to Withdraw from Big Cash App:

When your account wallet reached a minimum threshold (i.e. Rs. 50) you can transfer it to Cash Pay and redeem it immediately in your Paytm account wallet. So Here I Am discussing Step By Step processor So Follow The Provided Steps And Start making Money !!


App NameBig Cash App
File Size6.0 MB
Download Linkbigcash.apk


Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

3. Google Task Mate App

Money making apps in India 2021 without Investment:

Google Task Mate is a beta app developed by Google that provides access for its user to easy-to-use tasks, sent by businesses all around the world. For example, take a beautiful picture of a restaurant nearby you, answer simple and easy survey questions about preferences of different appliances, or help people to simple translate the sentences from English into your local language.

Google Task Mate App
Google Task Mate App


To make money online using Task Mate app you can participate in different activities that you are interested in, or choose to skip any jobs available in Task Mate app. The Tasks available in this app can be completed at any time, and from anywhere which is suitable for you.

After completing the task you will be paid in your local currency for services you perform in Task Mate accurately and will need an account with a third-party payment processor. When you are ready to withdraw your earned money, you just simply register your e-wallet or account with our payment partners mentioned in our app.

Then you have to visit your profile page and hit the “withdraw money” button on the screen. You can then claim your benefits which you earned by completing the tasks available in Task Mate app with your own local currency.

Please note that – This App is in beta version, as we continue to learn more about how to provide additional revenue opportunities through more people using this app.

Download the Task Mate APK file from Google play store and get the transfer code for Android or your PC. The Google Task Mate app will help the smartphone users to make money online by just completing simple tasks.

The Google Task Mate APK App is created and released by Google.

Registered users can find simple tasks available in Task Mate app and by doing so they are able to make money online with it easily. Also, after making money and reached the minimum threshold amount they will be able to withdraw their earnings that with their own local currency.

To install the Google Task Mate APK app, the users need a transfer code. To find this Task Mate invitation code for completing the registration process, you can visit the Google Task Mate APK page in Play Store.

The Task Mate app is in test mode presently and soon the full version of this app will be shortly provided to its users.

The smartphone users can now easily earn money online with the help of this mobile app you just do a simple job and earn money online by completing this simple task. And for this all you need is a smartphone which is now a day everyone has I think so.

Google Task Mate APK app file download:

Presently the Google Task Mate APK app can only be used with a transfer code other than the Task Mate invitation code the users of this app cannot continue to select works or earn money with this app. Currently, the Task Mate APK app is in its test mode and will run under transfer.

The Task Mate app can only be used with a referral/transfer code only and this is because the app is currently in its testing mode and is limited to certain users only. The transfer code that can only be used by three users at the same time. Therefore, each time when a user wants to register, they renew the code, They will be notifying you of the renewal of the Task Mate code.

How to earn money online with Task Mate APK app:

The interested users must download the Task Mate app from Google Play store application and must register with the Google Task Mate app. Full details of the app download and sign-in process are outlined below.

The Task Mate application is divided into two sections: First one is Field Task and the second one is Sitting Task. The Field work includes posting some pictures of nearby restaurants, offices, and other notable items that pictures can be used for mapping purposes.

On the other hand the task of Sitting includes the recording of spoken sentences, the writing of Sentences, and other activities that can be done by staying at home or in one place.

Some Benefits of Task Mate Android App:

The Google Task Mate application provides an easy way to earn money by performing some simple tasks on your mobile phone. All you need is a working connection to complete the task / No limit of the amount required to consider payment. Payment may be withdrawn upon completion of the project.

The great advantage of applications is that they can be used by anyone; as it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. App benefits can only be obtained after entering the appropriate code in the application.

After completing each task given in Google Task Mate app, it will move to update. After completion of work the amount will be transferred to your account. The users can check their financial information on their dashboard of this App.

App NameGoogle Task Mate
File Size15 MB
Download Linktaskmate.apk


Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

4. VideoBuddy Apk Earn Money Download

VideoBuddy is probably the most popular movie streaming app for Android phone users. It is used by millions of users in India to stream the latest hot Shows and music videos – usually on an Android device, but it also works on other available platforms also. One of the best parts of using this VideoBuddy app is that you can start getting V-Coin as soon as you sign up for this app.

VideoBuddy APK Earn Money
VideoBuddy APK Earn Money


Due to Google policy, the VideoBuddy app does not publish on Google Play store. VideoBuddy mobile app is safe and secure. You can download it from its official website. VideoBuddy app does not publish the iOS or Windows version.

How you make money online with the VideoBuddy app is simple. You can earn online cash every day by referring to your family members, and friends, watching videos, and perform simple and easy activities. After You earn some money, you can redeem it in your Paytm wallet. The minimum Threshold is Rs. 300.

How to install VideoBuddy Apk?

  1. Go to VideoBuddy official website. Click “OK” in Chrome, then click Download Complete Notification after download. There may be warnings while downloading the apk file in Chrome. Click OK to continue.
  2. Click Settings and open “unknown sources” You need to open the app installation options on Google Play. Don’t worry the VideoBuddy app is safe and secure, Thank you for your trust.

New User Reward – Get Rs. 50 Joining Bonus:

Any new user, will receive Rs. 50 prizes on the first day of installation of this App. To get the full 50 prizes, you will need to come back and check again for seven days after installing the VideoBuddy app in your mobile phone. If you miss any day during this time period, all other prizes will be lost forever so keep it in your mind!

What is a V-Coin? How can I collect V-Coin?

The V-Coin is a virtual currency used only in the VideoBuddy mobile App, which can be used directly in the form of Online Cash! 100 V-Coin = 1 Rs

How many V-coins can I make in a single day?

It depends on how many tasks you have completed on VideoBuddy app and the number of friends and family members you are targeting to refer to join this app. You can get V-Coin by completing daily offers available in this app and spending some time on the ‘Task Center’ page. Never forget to do special bonus activities to earn more money!

App NameVideo Buddy
File Size5.9 MB
Download Linkvideobuddy.apk


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video buddy app

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

5. Meesho App – Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

Learn how to earn money online in India for students without Investment:

Work from home and earn money online with smartphone app and Meesho, the # 1 online earnings app in India. Now finding the way to earn money at home is easier than ever.

Meesho App
Meesho Online Shopping App


Start your online retail business with the Meesho app and resell the products from more than 3 Lakh + available products from over 150+ common categories. Now you can earn money online with zero investment and you have no risk at all, Learn how to earn money online in India for students without investment.

How Can You Make Money Online With Meesho App?

For online earning you just select the products available on Meesho App, your Whatsapp and Facebook contacts will like and share photos of these products with your contacts. From brands like Sarees, Kurtis, Dresses, Footwear and your desirable Accessories, Meesho offers a wide variety of products of your choice.

You Earn commissions on each and every product you sell through your specific and unique link, including additional incentives such as cash bonuses to meet sales objectives given by Meesho App.

Start Selling Meesho Products in Three Easy Steps

  1. Browse the product – Simply Download the Meesho app from Google Play Store and sign up. Continue to browse several products at cheaper prices available on Meesho App. You can also get notification of new products with images and catalog details whenever Meesho Add some new products in their store.
  2. Share products with friends – Once you’ve found a product you think you can sell it, then share it with your friends, family, and existing networks on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook and where ever you wish to get orders. Finding orders has never been easier through your unique product link so keep sharing.
  3. Earn Real Money as a Commission – Once orders are in place, add a margin or commission to the product price accordingly with a reasonable amount, collect payment from the customer, and place the orders on their behalf.

Meesho works on the basis of commissions that can be earned by adding a profit margin for all sales made with your account and from your unique product link. In addition to commissions on every product, Meesho also offers weekly bonus prizes for the many orders you place. So more you sale, more you earn commission.

Why Meesho APP The Best Internet Discovery App In India?

  1. High quality products:

We connect with an amazing network of wholesaler that offers high-quality, trendy products that your customers like and love it. We also regularly check the quality of products to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality products which are more suitable for them.

  1. Guaranteed prices are very low, low prices:

Since all products in the Meesho app are available directly from most suppliers and manufacturers, so we insure that each product in the Meesho app is available at a reasonable price that the customer can afford.

  1. Cash On Delivery (COD) option Available:

There is no better way to build trust and increase your sales than to pay money on delivery as a payment option to your customers. When a customer receives a product they have ordered, Meesho team puts the commission you earn directly into your bank account. So don’t worry about your earnings.

  1. Easy Restoration:

If you don’t satisfied with the product? Then No worries about that, as the Meesho app offers easy retrieval options for every customer connected with Meesho.

  1. Timely Payments and Money Security:

Meesho value your money more other than anything else. Suppliers or business sellers only earn after receiving your product and you are satisfied with the product and service. The commission you receive for each sale is automatically credited into your bank account. And let’s not forget the weekly cash benefits of placing multiple orders to your customers.

  1.  Meesho Customer Care Number:

To resolve your any questions about ordering, products, shipping, refunds of products, your commission status, and anything else related to your online retail business, You can just call Meesho customer support team at 080-61799600 or email for any type of help. [email protected].

App NameMeesho App
File Size10 MB
Download Linkmeesho.apk


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Meesho app

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

6. Earn Karo App -Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

Money making apps in India 2021 without investment:

EarnKaro is India’s first Social Cashback app. The sound is cool, isn’t it? Get Refund for being a community member.

EarnKaro App
EarnKaro App


In Earn Karo App you can simply convert e-commerce links into EarnKaro links, and share them on your social media channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and wherever you want to convert it in sales. When someone buys any product through your given link, you earn ‘Profit’ in the form of real cash money.

There are two main ways in which any registered EarnKaro member can earn money online:

  1. Via sharing some deals from e-commerce websites. This is well reflected in the EarnKaro app and on the website as well.
  2. By creating your own custom link. Here, promoters or anyone can create a link to their product that you can share and recommend with your friends and your social connections.

In this modern scenario, EarnKaro is a blessing to those people who want to earn more money while working more comfortably and safely in their homes in their spare time.

Why is EarnKaro the Best #MoneyMaking Platform?

If you need more conviction to use EarnKaro? No worries let us tell you why EarnKaro is a trusted app for millions of Indians to earn real money online.

  1. Zero Retail Business

Getting started online with EarnKaro requires a no-brainer investment! All you need is a smartphone & an eye for good deals available on EarnKaro! You can copy and modify deals for most trusted sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & 100+ top sellers available here.

  1. Deal with the easiest resale

Whether you are a housewife, a student, a professional, or a retired person, you can easily resell from top online sites to anyone and at any time! There are no property issues or anything else. Everyone buys product online, just make them shop with your EarnKaro Profit Links so that you can earn some real money online.

  1. Be a Partner with Top Sellers

For now, to being an Amazon Affiliate or a Flipkart Affiliate can be a daunting task. But with EarnKaro you can be the integrated market of any retailer we have on board. Now there are no more problems to promote any product on top most reputed shopping portals.

  1. Simple Money Transfer Policy

EarnKaro has a minimum threshold limit of Rs. 10. As soon as your income exceeds this threshold limit, you can simply send your #AsliCash or Profit to your bank account registered with us that’s it.

  1. Seamless Customer Support Experience

EarnKaro users are given the most important thing. If you have any questions and would like someone to resolve them in a jiffy, our customer support team is on it, always. You can email, call, WhatsApp, or contact them on any of our social media channels available to help you with a significant manner.

App NameEarnKaro
Downloads1 M+
File Size13 MB
Download Linkearnkaro.apk


Users Review:

EarnKaro Reviews

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Best Earning App in India 2021:

Getting started with Google Opinion Rewards is very easy. You have to Download the app and answer some basic questions about yourself. We will then send you circular surveys once a week, or more often or less.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards


You will receive a notification on your phone number registered with us, if a short and appropriate survey is available for you, and you can get up to ₹ 32.20 on Google Play credit by completing this easy survey.

The questions in survey may be like as, “Which logo is best?” and “What is the most compelling promotion?” or “When do you plan to go next?” and similar questions like that so anyone can easily answer these questions.

Earn rewards:

With the Google Opinion Rewards, you will take a survey conducted by market researchers for betterment of their products and services. Research frequency may vary, and remember that you do not have to answer every survey you receive.

In exchange, you will receive payments from the Google Opinion Rewards team through PayPal. Below, we have identified some common questions about receiving and withdrawing payments which you earn from it via PayPal.

How much do you pay for each survey?

By completing each survey you will get paid between $ 0.10 and $ 1.00 for each completed survey. The amount may vary and depends on the number of questions asked in the survey and the time it takes to respond to the completion of that survey.

Answering questions in a certain way does not require you to get paid and is actually frustrating. When you honestly answer questions, your opinion is very important, so you can get a lot of surveys and earn more money by completing these surveys.

How do I transfer earning from Google Opinion Rewards to my PayPal account?

Each time whenever a $ 2.00 payment is made to your Google Opinion account, Google Opinion rewards team will send a payment to your registered PayPal account with Google Opinion Rewards email address via PayPal. If the Google Opinion Rewards account email address is the one you use with your PayPal account, you will automatically receive these payments into your PayPal account without any delay.

If your Google Opinion account email address is not the same as the one you use with PayPal, you must receive the first payment within 30 days by linking your Google Opinion Reward account email with your PayPal account. In your account, future transfers will be automatic (however, you will continue to receive notification emails for your payments send by Google Opinion Team).


App NameGoogle Opinion Rewards
File Size12 MB
Download Linkgoogleopinion.apk


Users Review:

Google Opinion Rewards APK

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

8. Rozdhan App – Best refer and earn Apps 2021

Besides there is a lot of easy app installation available on play store, play games (rewards earning games), read stories, check out the daily horoscope, travel task, Puzzle Task and complete test activities to earn money. Each job you perform has a huge monetary reward, and you can earn some real money i.e. earn hundreds of Rupees in Wallet Cash daily through RozDhan, India’s Best refer and earn apps 2021.

Rozdhan App
Rozdhan App Download


You will get ₹ 50 free just by signing in to the Rozdhan app for the first time. Perform new simple user tasks in the app and continue ₹ 30 earning as rewards.

Our app is an entertainment app and offers complete games to choose from; users can play these games and earn money i.e. Get Free Wallet Money from these free payout games available for you to play on Rozdhan App.

Key Features of Rozdhan App:

An Earnings App that lets you Earn Wallet Cash by just reading interesting stories, playing some mobile games, completing some simple Tasks, Puzzle Tasks and completing some other simple tasks.

A) Complete Tasks: There are many simple and easy earning tasks available in Roz Dhan App such as installing some android app installation, completing some easy tests, playing mobile games, daily star checking, simple Puzzle Task etc. You can get great rewards by just using 10 minutes a day in Rozdhan app.

B) Play games: While some in-game apps charge you to play games, but Roz Dhan app allows you to play fun games for free, as well as earning some Wallet money i.e. paid games. We have a great way to get banned apps and offer a huge selection of free earning game apps.

C) Testing and Installation Activities: By complete easy quiz questions and some simple tasks and earn hundreds of Rupees daily with the highest paid app in India (Rozdhan app).

D) Check Daily Horoscope: See what the future holds for you with our daily horoscope and an interesting thing is that earn money while you do it.

E) Read News: Be Update yourself on world events and earn money too while doing so. The user can also read daily news articles available on Rozdhan App with our push notification to earn coins which may convert in cash later.

F) Go and Earn: Every day earn money by just traveling without playing games. Go, Count your steps, and turn your steps into money. You can burn calories and at the same time you can earn financial rewards with Rozdhan App.

G) Visit popular sites: With Roz Dhan App, you can not only win Real Wallet Cash but also access popular sites related to Games, Activities, Shopping, and much more. With Roz Dhan App Money Earning App you can get everything you want in life.

How to withdraw your Earnings:

You can withdraw your earn money from a Paytm wallet account after your first 2 days in the app, withdraw your earned money immediately after completing “Instant Cash Tasks” and after reaching threshold of  ₹ 300 in your RozDhan app account wallet.

App NameRozdhan
File Size14 MB
Download Linkrozdhan.apk


Users Review:

Rozdhan App Review

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

9. Cash Buddy App – Best refer and earn apps 2021

Databuddy is a social app that lets you earn money by doing simple tasks like sharing Pics and GIFs, installing and subscribing to free Android Apps, Games and websites.

Cash Buddy App
Cash Buddy App


Cashbuddy is a BIGGEST Shopping CASHBACK platform that lets you earn money by shopping on Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and over 1000+ sites using deals and discount coupons.

Main Features:

-Get the highest paid offer available on Cash Buddy.

-Find Deals And Top Trend Discount Coupons for shopping on top branded shopping portals.

-Shop and get money back in the wallet for a successful purchase in the form of cashback and discount coupons.

More sales discounts

Top Sales for Coupons: Amazon Prime Day & Big Indian Sales Flipkart 100 billion Days Snapdeal Unbox SaleMyntra EORS AJIO: All product Sales available on these shopping sites.

How does this work:

Shop on most popular shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Aliexpress etc., using the Cashbuddy App

You get some money back on successful purchases of any product using this App.

Use refunds on Paytm wallet, Amazon and Flipkart money for verification

Invite and win:

Invite your friends and family members to try Cashbuddy by sharing a link via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail and earn free money while your friends join using your link.


App NameCash Buddy
Downloads10 M+
File Size9.6 MB
Download Linkcashbuddy.apk


Users Review:

Cash Buddy App Review

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

10. MPL App -Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

Money making apps in India 2021 without investment:

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming platform that offers a wide range of games – fairy tales, IPL Cricket, Rummy, Chess, Quiz, Fruit Chop, 8 ball 3D Pool, Carrom and more! Play these games and earn real money by playing your favorite mobile games. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

MPL App Download


With MPL, you can play 60+ games including fairy tale games on your mobile to win great cash prizes. The MPL provides the ultimate gaming experience, making you want to play more and gain more chance to win. Take your choice in adventure, fantasy, action, sports and many other categories available on MPL just for you. Here Learn how to earn money online in India for students without investment

With popular games like Fantasy cricket, Rummy, Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Cricket, and Bubble Shooter, we have it all. Play any game available in the MPL app and make it the top of the leaderboards. Connect with your friends and family members and see who really won. You also get a transfer bonus for every transfer you make on MPL to play any game.

How To Download MPL App:

You can download the MPL app from Google play store for Android, while iOS users can find it in the Apple store and start earning money while you play games on your smartphone.


App NameMPL
Downloads60 M+
File Size60 MB
Download Linkmpl.apk


Users Review:

MPL App Review

Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021

Keep away from some Scam Apps Like GetMega

Friends before using these best refer and earn Apps 2021 I highly recommend that please keep away some scammers like GetMega and others, they are big scammer they cheated peoples so keep away from such type of apps 

GetMega Fraud App
Keep away from Scam Apps


Get Mega is a fraud company when you create account on GetMega and deposit amount, they block your account and don’t refund your deposited money, also when you win a game like Rummy they don’t pay you so friends keep away from such type of fraud companies and don’t waste your time and money they cheats peoples

People also Ask

Que: How can I make money online in 2021?

Ans: There are so many ways to make money online in 2021 like affiliate marketing, freelancing, content writing, also make some money by playing games some of them we discuss in this article “Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021”.

Que: Which app gives real money in India?

Ans: There are so many mobile Apps available in Google play store and apple store but only some of theme gives you real money, some of them we have already discuss in this Article “Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021” you have to check it.

Que: How can I make $100 a day online without investment?

Ans: To make $100 a day online without investment is not as easy as some people thought but not impossible too, there are some options available like affiliate marketing freelancing, content writing, also completing some tasks on some websites and doing surveys etc. also if you are capable to teach any subject than you can teach online as a tutor.

Que: Which is best money earning app?

Ans: As we mention in this article “Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021” that there are so many apps available on google play store and apple store which pay you some money. We mention some of them here in this article but these apps not pay you as much as you think. You can earn only some extra money for your mobile recharge and for coupons and gift cards for online shopping.

Que: Which app is best for refer and earn?

Ans. We have mention in this article here some best apps which pay you some money when you refer this app to your friends and they join that apps with your referral link check this article “Best Refer and Earn Apps 2021.


Pros and Cons

1. You can utilize your spare time to earn some extra money.1. You waste your time on these apps when you don’t have enough time for study and other works.

2. You can also build your network from some apps which is best Refer and Earn Apps 2021.

2. Your share your personal information on these apps which is not safe some time.
3. You can get some cashback when you recharge your mobile which is not offered in market.3. You cannot earn as much as you afford your life style from these apps.
4. You can easily recharge your mobile at your home from your earnings.4. Your phone’s storage memory decrease when you install such apps which are not useful for you.
5. You can also increase your brain when you play games and puzzles for earning.5. Some of these type apps have some viruses which is harmful for your phone and personal data.



So friends I hope you like this post of “Best refer and earn apps 2021 – How to earn money online in India for students without Investment“, while you play games and earn money you can utilize your spare time to earn some money which helps you in your online shopping and mobile phone recharges, so enjoy playing games on your Android phone and earn some extra money….


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