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Top 10 Apps in India - Money Transfer App

Best Money Transfer App India – Top 10 Apps in India | How to Transfer Money

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Top 10 Apps in India

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Best Money Transfer App India

In this article we discuss about “Top 10 Apps in India” by which Online payment has made it easier for everyone in India, we thankful to the E-Wallets available with an easy payment option. As the purchase guidelines continue to emerge, so does the payment gateway. This article lists the “Best Money Transfer App in India – Top 10 Apps in India” available for you.

Top 10 Apps in India
Top 10 Apps in India – Money Transfer App


There are many E-wallets presents in India at that time so that you can easily do your money transactions and live a life without physical cash. Indian E-Wallets also help you pay your bills, food items and many more.

Mobile Wallets are fast changing as they help increase transaction speed, especially for commerce groups, and all e-commerce portals are integrated with these mobile wallets.

It is no doubt that India is very fast moving into a digital marketplace. And Indian digital mobile e-wallets carry this digital payment transaction process taken by the Indian government at the right time.

They are the easiest and fastest way to make payments, and hold digital money than traditional banking systems, making it one of the best things of the 21st century where you can pay for anything without any problem.

With the ongoing financial crisis in today’s Indian economy, mobile wallets can come to your aid at this critical time. Instead of buying through a credit or debit card, India prefers mobile payments as an alternative to online or offline shopping. These mobile phone wallets in India are nicely used.

Paying your utility bills with these digital mobile wallets is beyond credit cards, use of debit cards and is slowly beginning to replace old traditional payment methods.

What is Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet serves as a virtual wallet in which you can save your money in electronic form and use it for a variety of both online as well as offline payment transactions. This digital wallet linked with your mobile number and your bank account number so that you can facilitate it easy, fast, and secure transactions.

Top 10 Apps in India – Money Transfer App

1. Airtel Money
2. PayTM Wallet
3. PhonePe
4. Google Pay
5. Amazon Pay
6. HDFC PayZapp
7. ICICI Pocket
8. Yono SBI
9. Jio Money

1. Airtel Money – Best Money Transfer App India

Airtel is the wide popular networks among the available networks in India. The new Airtel Money e-wallet allows for limited but useful things to deal with. By submitting your KYC details, you can obtain a savings account from Airtel Payments Bank which also provides a virtual debit card for your online shopping.

Airtel Money App
Airtel Money App


Airtel uses its My Airtel app for digital wallet application, the app also provides Airtel services such as balance check, final update, recharge details, DND services, active subscriptions and many more. which is a best option for people who has Airtel SIM and looking for a better e-wallet.

Other services including utility bill payment, recharge mobile and money transfer using the BHIM UPI. You may also send money to other users who use Airtel Money, in stores and also in bank account. The app continues to offer package for online travel, online shopping, lifestyle, and entertainment.

You can simply download Airtel Thanks APP on your Mobile device to handle your Airtel mobile accounts, Airtel Money Wallet and use Airtel Payments Bank. Adding the money in your Airtel Money Wallet directly credited into your Airtel Payments Bank account. It also gains some interest on amount credited in this account.

It is also fair to say that you may also buy insurance and pay for other in-house services, such as like PhonePe or PayTM wallet. However, you need to be Airtel SIM card holder to access Airtel financial services.

You can use that money to buy online, recharge your mobile, pay off your debts, and send money to others. It also allows you to enjoy discounts, refunds, and offers at the hotel, plane, and also booking movie ticket.

Downloads100 M+
File Size29 MB
Download LinkAirtel Money

2. PayTM Wallet – UPI Payment Offers

PayTM founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and is one of the largest online platforms in India that offers its customers a digital wallet to save money and make fast and secure transactions. It is recommended by many peoples that this is the best mobile e-wallet App.

PayTM was launched in India in the year 2010. Users can upload money and make digital payments to different merchants and E-Commerce portals, but you can still pay bills, transfer money, and get entertainment, and travel services.

Paytm wallet
PayTM Wallet


PayTM, the most popular apps among the current generation of thousands of years in India gives you the opportunity to transfer money to the E-wallet and use it for making payments. Paytm is accepted everywhere in the country.

Additionally, you can make mobile recharges, pay off electricity bills, DTH recharges, buy Google Play gift cards, including booking of Movie ticket, Airplanes ticket and settle your credit card bills. Recently, the giant introduced the purchase and sale of virtual gold on the mobile device.

Leading commerce portals such as MakeMyTrip, Uber, BookMyShow, Foodpanda, and others have partnered with PayTM to allow customers to use this digital wallet system while performing any transaction process.

Any user can make payments by this app to merchants’ links to the company. Other uses of PayTM include payments, cash transfers, and access to travel and entertainment services. Presently, it is also used to make fees payment at various educational institutions.

Downloads100 M+
File Size49 MB
Download LinkPayTM Wallet

3. PhonePe – Money Transfer App

In this list of “Top 10 Apps in India” PhonePe is another popular E-wallet that first emerged as a simple e-wallet that will be used for mobile recharges and utility bill payments. Later, it was discovered by e-commerce giant Flipkart who continues to integrate PhonePe as its digital wallet that make it really very useful if you mostly do shopping on Flipkart, due to the standard cashback options.

PhonePe e-wallet app was launched in 2015 in India. It can be used to mobile recharge, make UPI payments, and secure transactions and online payments.

PhonePe App
PhonePe App


This digital wallet includes many other things such as sending and receiving money through UPI / Bank / direct fund transfer. You also get the option to split bills in your friends that option is not available on PayTM or any other e-wallets.

You may also pay bills at local merchant stores by PhonePe and it also shows the location of all supported vendors on the map. Also, PhonePe has partnered with popular merchants such as OLA, RedBus, Myntra and OYO Hotels followed by grocery stores including Mother’s Dairy, Pizza Hut, FoodPanda, Faasos, McDonald s, etc. All of these vendors support booking in-app and also hosting a club with exciting cashback.

In additional, you may also pay your electricity bills, do recharges of mobile and DTH, pay for Gas, water, data card, landline, and broadband bills. You can also pay premium of your Insurance policies, and buy Gold.

The only complaint with PhonePe is that you cannot transfer cashback money to your bank account. You use this cashback for Flipkart shopping, or other services available on e-wallet. Other than that, we feel that PhonePe is better than Paytm wallet. You can use it if you regularly shop with Flipkart, and pay off all your bills online!

From UPI Payments to mobile recharges, transfers to online payments, this can be easily done on PhonePe. With user-friendly functionality, it has provided the safest and fastest online transaction experience to the user.

Downloads100 M+
File Size41 MB
Download LinkPhonePe App

4. Google Pay – UPI Payment Offers

In “Top 10 Apps in India” Google Pay, formerly known as Google Tez is not a dedicated wallet but provide the functionality of using your bank account as a wallet without the requirement for a digital wallet to keep your money. It relies heavily on the UPI payment system.

Google Pay App Downloads
Google Pay App – Money Transfer App


It links your bank account with the app and doesn’t require downloading an e-wallet or verifying your KYC because it is directly linked to your bank account. You can pay or receive money directly from your bank account and it works with all banks that support UPI system.

It is the best ever payment app available in India. It works with your bank account, which simply means your money is 100% safe in the bank and there are no issues with uploading your digital wallet per month. Sending or receiving money for a friend directly in your bank account. There is no such problem with regard to KYC which makes it very popular.

Everything that is done is safely carried by Google servers under various security standards. It is very easy to track your payments, thanks to its chat-like interface for each your contact where you can see the money received and sent, and, you can also send text messages. You can also requests money from your contacts by this app. You may recharge your mobile number using this app.

At the moment, you can see that Google Pay is a payment method for almost all merchants and online stores. It has a great user interface, it can be used to send money instantly to your friends, buy anything online, pay utility bills, order food, mobile recharge, or shopping.

Paying for someone is very easy; you can send payments via UPI to other people with the UPI address or by entering their bank details. As such, two Google Pay users are free to pay immediately and receive payments just using a mobile phone number / email id or QR code.

To expand its reach to each and every person, Google has continued its forwarding program, with Scratch cards giving you a cash prize, every time when you pay or enter into an agreement with affiliated merchants typically BookMyshow. If you do not want the problem of reloading your e-wallet and you need an app that only deals with payments and there are no unnecessary things you will have to try the new Google Pay app.

Downloads100 M+
File SizeAccording to Device
Download LinkGoogle Pay

5. Amazon Pay – Money Transfer App

Amazon Pay in “Top 10 Apps in India” is an Amazon business started by Amazon Company to serve as an e-commerce wallet. Later, it emerged with the introduction of mobile recharges, payment of electricity bills, DTH recharge, also Gas payments and Broadband bill payments.

Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay App


The Amazon pay service was launched globally in the year 2007 and India in 2017 and is mostly used by Amazon customers. Safe and extremely effective, you can use it to make payments easily using the balance available in your Amazon account. You can also pay for third-party merchant.

You can continue to use your Pay balance to purchase gift vouchers of Google Play and other product vouchers. The unique thing about this digital wallet is its automatic reload feature. While, most peoples are hesitant when uploading a Pay balance as when uploaded the money, you cannot transfer that amount in your bank account.

Like PhonePe credits, you can only use this balance for services offered by Amazon such as buy something, or other available services. This may not be the most likely available option for you but regular buyers from Amazon may try this wallet, and you may get some cashback offers time to time.

In addition, Amazon Pay wallet also supports Scan to pay feature which you may use when selecting the new “Pay on Delivery” option, specially paying in cash on delivery.

Amazon Pay is very focused on its customers on Amazon and therefore offers its users the opportunity to pay with Amazon pay wallet on other merchant portals, including apps such as BigBazaar and many more.

Downloads100 M+
File SizeAccording to Device
Download LinkAmazon Pay
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6. HDFC PayZapp – Money Transfer App

In the list of “Top 10 Apps in India” PayZapp E-wallet of HDFC is very popular digital wallet as it has the feature to make all payments instantly with one click. You can use this wallet to recharge DTH connection, your mobile recharge, and data card, flight ticket booking, make service payments, and make bus and hotel reservations, movie ticket bookings, and online shopping. You may use this app for transfer money to your family and friends.

HDFC PayZapp
HDFC PayZapp


PayZapp is a solution of all kinds of payment transactions with just simple tap payment feature. Not only does it allow you to recharge your mobile or send money to anyone and off course recharge your DTH and data cards, pay bills, flight ticket booking, hotels reservations and shopping online.

Instant payments: Pay utility bills, recharge mobiles, money transfer with just one click, do any transaction anytime, anywhere within minutes.

Secure transaction:
The Information available on your credit cards is not stored in your mobile phone or not shared with any merchants. You can protect your transactions with a strong and unique password.

Payment range:
You can make online shopping, buy products with price comparison, flight ticket booking on SmartBuy, Pay your utility bills, recharge a mobile, recharge any DTH connection or make money transactions with your friends and family.

Downloads10 M+
File Size17 MB
Download Link PayZapp

7. ICICI Pockets – UPI Payment Offers

In “Top 10 Apps in India” ICICI Bank’s Pockets app – The most featured e-wallet which has the features like make payment to anyone, Buy anything on different portals and money transfer easily for existing bank customers. Pocket is the very first mobile application in India which offers UPI, Bharat QR code payment option.

With ICICI Bank’s Pocket e-wallet, you may also get a free virtual VISA card. You can use this card to make online shopping on different portals. If you need a physical card then you may ask for it.

ICICI Pockets
ICICI Pockets App


Additionally, like other e-wallets, you can re-charge your mobile number or DTH connection and off course pay your bills by using this mobile app. You can securely send money to any bank accounts, to your friends or any other UPI addresses using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). You can also open a Pocket Savings Account directly from the app and get a debit card and make deposits.

The ICICI Bank’s Pocket wallet app is not only limited to the ICICI bank customers, but anyone can add money in this e-wallet using any other bank account. You may use the VISA-powered digital wallet app to transfer money to any linked mobile number, to any bank account, or a valid E-mail address.

You can also use this wallet for online shopping, make money transactions, mobile recharges, share expenses with your friends, book tickets, and send gift cards. ICICI also offer you to convert it into a saving account with zero balance.

You can also get a physical VISA debit card of your e-wallet. You can use this card in offline merchants and online shopping. The app offers special discounts, exclusive deals, cashback, and attractive packages from popular brands.

New features: Bharat QR cards being introduced that support Visa, Rupay cards and MasterCard. Payments are performed via UPI gateway. You can now make all transactions using this UPI and handle your Virtual Payment address in pocket app. You can also use this UPI for merchant’s payments.

Downloads5 M+
File Size27 MB
Download LinkPockets App

8. YONO by SBI

How to Transfer money from Yono App

SBI launched the e-wallet named Yono app, it is one of the best E-wallet apps in India. You may also use this app to make payments to other users also transfer money to bank account. You can also use Yono to pay off your utility bills, do mobile recharges, movie ticket bookings, hotel bookings, and make online shopping like other e-wallets.

how to transfer money from yono app
How to Transfer money from Yono App


Yono app was launched by State Bank of India to allow users to transfer money, pay utility bills, and book tickets, mobile recharge, online shopping, and much more. This digital e-wallet by SBI offers its services in 13 different languages. This app also provides its services for non-SBI customers.

It goes into a special feature where it allows its customers to place appropriate financial reminders, money transfers, and also you can view a mini statement of transactions already performed.

YONO digital wallet provided by SBI is one of the best E-wallets available in India. It has given you the opportunity to use any bank account to support your wallet and make transactions. It uses a virtual VISA card which enables its customers to make transactions on any mobile app or any website in India and offers special deals or packages from compatible products.

Downloads50 M+
File Size32 MB
Download LinkYONO SBI

9. Jio Money – Online Money Transfer App

“Top 10 Apps in India” Jio SIM users may automatically install the JioMoney app on their mobile phone. And also if you are a non Jio SIM user, then you can download the JioMoney app from your mobile’s app store. You do not need a bank account to re-charge JioMoney wallet.

Jio Money App
Jio Money App


You can also make a payment to a Jio dealer by Jio Money app, who will credit the amount into your Jio Money wallet. This feature is very important because Jio smartphones are mostly used in rural areas of India. You can enjoy special offers and discounts with selected merchants and get many benefits of cashback for various transactions when you use this digital wallet.

How do you log in to JioMoney wallet via MyJio?

Install the current version of MyJio App available on the Play Store/App Store and login / connect with your registered JioMoney number to the MyJio App. After you have successfully logged in / connected your mobile number, you will only see the bank tab if you were a registered JioMoney user.

Now click on the bank tab then select SIM card which associated with the JioMoney wallet and start tying the device. If the binding of the device is successful you can see the details of your e-wallet.

You may also sign in / link using the Non Jio Number in MyJio app to see the banking tab.

If your device binding was unsuccessful-
1. Make sure the device is under the correct network
2. Make sure there is enough balance in your SMS activation number

If you are still experiencing any type of problem than simply write to us [email protected]

File Size20 MB
Download LinkMyJio App

10. MobiKwik – UPI Payment Offers

Last App in “Top 10 Apps in India” MobiKwik is the fastest growing online payment platform. According to reports MobiKwik has seen a 40% increase in the number of online activities when the central government of India decided to ban on five hundred and thousand rupee note. The MobiKwik App facilities are also very beneficial in achieving the goal of payment to various online retailers.

MobiKwik App
MobiKwik App


The Mobikwik digital wallet was launched in the year 2009 with its key proposal on mobile Recharge and utility Bill payments. It is one of the most self-contained mobile payment networks with over 32 million users. This e-wallet allows its users to load money using bank cards, net banking, and door-to-door financial services.

One of the unique features that its users have provided is the ‘expense tracker‘, which basically allows users to set expense budgets with SMS data to analyze and control spending.

The MobiKwik e-wallet also helps in obtaining the largest number of cashback benefits which are usually between 30% – 50%. In addition to the months leading up to the festival, sometimes the cashback is very high. All of this surprises many people.

In addition, MobiKwik digital wallet has partnered with 12 electricity billboards in eight Indian states and helped the average person avoid waiting before the electric board counter and pay off debts bills comfortably through their e-wallet by mobile phone. Also, the MobiKwik digital wallet system is highly encrypted, and the risk of burglary is less.

Recently, they switched to the SuperCash system which offers rewards to most users when using Mobikwik services, and, one can use 10-15% of SuperCash money as a discount on different payments. But this digital wallet may not be as popular as Paytm wallet.

You can load money to this wallet using net banking, your debit card, and credit card and use this money to pay service bills, mobile recharge and make purchases on online portals.

Many grocery and food stores use MobikWik wallet, especially its feature called expense tracker, which provide a unique option to monitor expenditure and save money.

Downloads50 M+
File Size22 MB
Download LinkMobiKwik App

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Pros and Cons of E Wallet

1. We have safely transfer the money with E wallets, all payments are secure.1. We face some cash refund issues when transaction failed.
2. With the help of these E wallets we easily track our expenses.2. We Fully depends on our mobile phone if no mobile then no wallet.
3. When we use e-wallet there is no need to bear cash.3. To make any transaction you need Internet connectivity.
4. All Transactions made by E wallets are Time saving.4. Some transactions failed due to connectivity problem.
5. When we make any transaction there are a chance to get a reward.5. Most of the rewards are useless and time bounded.


So friends I hope you like this post of “Best Money Transfer App India – Top 10 Apps in India“, the information we provide here is all bout these digital apps which help you for all your transactions, pay your utility bills, make mobile recharges, online shopping, book flight and movie tickets and much more so you follow this article about “Top 10 Apps in India” and use these apps safely and securely.


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